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  • Hi,

    Which firmware version are you on? It should say under the Bangle.js logo.

    Have you tried connecting to the App Loader, 'About', and clicking 'Install Default Apps'?

    What could have happened is with older firmwares there were some issues with compaction (what happened when storage space ran low on the flash memory). If that failed it could have ended up wiping the contents of the watch's memory.

    Or I don't know if you were doing any development on it? I'm not sure how but if require("Storage").eraseAll() got called that would be exactly that effect

  • Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for replying. Its 2v06 I think.

    I have written a custom app and its does log data to the watch flash memory. I hadn't implemented any memory availability checking yet, so it could be that my app filled the memory without me realising.

    App Loader > About > Install Default Apps has got the watch back up and running!

    I notice on the app loader theres an updated firmware, but I don't have an Android device. Is there any other upgrade path?




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