• Wouldn't it be nice to transfer any data to/from bangle.js without special app support, regardless of the data size?

    Yes - there's actually an issue open for it here so hopefully it'll get sorted soon: https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoWebI­DE/issues/234

    is there a way to transfer data using a command-line solution?

    Yes - it's as easy as opening a Bluetooth LE 'Nordic UART' connection


    and then uploading something like:

    `\x03\x10(function() {
          var f = require("Storage").open(${JSON.stringify­(filename)},"r");
          var l = f.readLine();
          while (l!==undefined) { Bluetooth.print(l); l = f.readLine(); }

    There are the Espruino CLI tools, but they don't support this kind of thing with Storage at the moment


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