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  • The issue for me really has been it's a reasonable undertaking to ensure that all the supported boards actually work with a specific firmware version, and it can take a while for everyone to flash firmware too so I don't want to be releasing new versions all the time.

    So generally a release is when:

    • Something big has been added/fixed that I think users want
    • Some time has passed since any big changes I think could cause issues
    • It's been a particularly long time since the past release

    To get around that, there are the cutting edge builds, which are 2v07.commits_since_release

    As for re-releasing a firmware image of the same number: yes, it's totally confusing and I try not to do it, however if it's been less than a day or two since the last release and there's something big that basically makes the firmware unusable on one of the devices I think it's probably worth doing.

    In reality very few people will have updated to the new firmware at that point. I figure more people will be inconvenienced in the long term if a broken firmware is left on the website.

  • I see your point(s) 😎.

    if it's been less than a day or two since the last release

    if a broken firmware is left on the website

    I completely agree. And the gain-to-hassle ratio should also be reasonable of course.

    I might disagee the day Espruino is powering mission critical components on the Orion Spacecraft though 😬.


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