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  • Espruino 2v07 is now out!

    This one contains mainly minor tweaks and improvements. However:

    Bangle.js power consumption has been massively improved. Battery life when idle is now up to around 90 days from the 1-2 weeks it was previously.

    Other notable improvements are:

    • Graphics.asImage() memory/speed improvements
    • nRF52: reduce input buffer space taken by advertising packets (= more reliable NRF.setScan)
    • Lexer speed improvements (fix #1857)
    • WIZNet Ethernet: add setHostname(), geHostname(), getStatus()
    • Implement Streaming Storage compaction to allow compact with less RAM (fix #1598,#1707,#1828)
    • Array.prototype.join speed improvements (fix #1660)
    • Allow 'in' to be used with typed arrays (fix #1534)
    • Improve String.replace performance using iterator rather than repeated copy
    • New Tensorflow version and Tensorflow fixes/tweaks
    • Add Storage.write/etc even on space-constrained (SAVE_ON_FLASH) devices
    • Fix occasional duplicate state changes when using setWatch with debounce (fix #1902)
    • Espruino WiFi: Fix startAP function when open and no password supplied
    • nRF52: Use the best available hardware timer for PWM taking frequency into account
    • Bangle.js: Report GPS HDOP (Horizontal Ditution of Precision => accuracy) values in 'GPS' event
    • Plus over 30 other fixes... See the ChangeLog for more info
    • micro:bit v1.5 support

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