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  • Hi, I've got a Pixl.js in the post. I was to use it in my campervan. Initially I want to monitor voltage of my leisure battery but in time also monitor current being drawn. I want to use DroidScript so I can interact with the Pixl via my phone.

    Looking through the videos

    I want to be able to turn devices on and off and off (maybe to conserve the battery). I've got 2 FET transistors on order.

    I'm happy playing round with a bit of electronics but I guess my main interest is writing the code....

    I've got a load of resistors from a play pack I got years ago and I've worked out that non of the combinations I have will divide the voltage from 14v (max voltage on charge apparently) to 3.3v so I can use the Pixl.js to monitor voltage.

    So any thoughts on the following would be very much appreciated.

    1. Has anyone come across / used any shields that may be useful for the voltage / current quandry?

    2. What's the tolerance for reading voltage on the Pixl.js. Just for info as I guess should never go above 3.3?

    3. Has anyone come across a small/cheap electronics starter pack that will contain enough toys to get something up and running.

    It's a balance between getting something up and running and spending time on the electronics side of things (all to do with what floats your boat).

    Thanks in advance.....


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