• Thats a great suggestion, it sounds so obvious now you've said it :) I'll definitely be handling >1 press but that still takes a lot of load off the espruino, if nothing else it'll probably save me some power I would've burned sequentially turning pins on and off.

    I'm guessing I'll still want to do some messing around doing the scanning with the low level NRF52 lib to offload that to a peripheral rather than having the core do it. I'll likely still want to do processing on the core while keys are pressed/held to send keycodes with modifiers and things, but if I only have to do that after a pin state change thats great.

    My end goal is to build a mechanical keyboard firmware lib that handles the hardware level stuff & does a bit of extra helpful stuff like classify press/release cycles as a 'tap' or a 'hold' without the user having to do that, provides a lightweight mechanism for defining keymaps as a JSON file, and lets the user write their own javascript functions to make their keyboard do interesting stuff. This already exists in proper embedded code (QMK) but I'd love to do something similar on espruino since Javascript is so much more accessible :)


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