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  • Yes, I'm pretty sure MBEDTLS_SSL_VERIFY_NONE is already set.

    Maybe you could find out what Cipher is being used when you connect via your Raspberry Pi/PC? If it's not something supported by the current Espruino mbledtls build then that'd be a good place to start?

    I fact I imagine that even compiling Espruino to run on Linux or a Raspberry Pi would expose the same problems, and might be an easier way of tracking down what's wrong?

    When I'd tried the Pixl I'd been doing it with a WIZnet Ethernet shield - I'm sure we could get HTTPS to work with ESP8266 with a bit of fiddling, but it's probably worth making sure that you can get a good connection with the Espruino WiFi first before looking into it too much more.

    Or as I'd mentioned in­351824/#15444448 if you've got up to date firmware on the ESP8266 you might be able to get it to use HTTPS with a normal Pixl.js firmware just by replacing "TCP" with "SSL" in the WiFi driver.


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