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  • The issue is that you can't reproduce it when you want?

    Basically. I had it happening, but since I improved the flash memory code (which is something that definitely changed in 2v06) I haven't been able to reproduce it. Maybe it's fixed, but I just need more people to try the cutting edge firmware and see if battery life improves.

    In terms of floating point, erratas, etc - these are all things that would be an issue on other Espruino nRF52 devices (it could still be a problem, it's just more likely to have been found over the last few years), and there's also no good reason why they would have started to be an issue in 2v06 when 2v05 was ok.

    I've added the floating point fix, but at some point just throwing code at the problem when it might be fixed already is going to add more bugs, not fix them.

    @Tx can you try installing a 'cutting edge' firmware and see if that fixes the problem?


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