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  • It's possible flash could have been a problem. Just toggling the CS line adds 0.3mA and if it was left in the middle of a read it could have added 3mA - it doesn't really explain how it stays that way after a reboot though (but maybe some arrangements of files in storage mean that flash reads ate left at addresses that cause increased power usage). I haven't been able to reproduce since fiddling with the CS line code.

    It might be worth upgrading to an absolute cutting edge build and trying, just in case I did fix it without realising.

    Also I just put the brightness down to 0.1 as well (that was a good thought) but no luck so far.

    The other thing is it could be a hardware issue - like maybe something (the accelerometer, magnetometer or IO expander?) gets misconfigured and then never resets properly. It's just frustrating not being able to reproduce it reliably.


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