• Hmm - so those Promise rejections are coming from the PC, not the Bangle :)

    If it happens all the time I'd guess maybe it's something in the code you're uploading that causes the Bangle to drop the connection?

  • Yes, in this case it seems it's coming from node coming from the Espruino Hub on Arduino.

    But it's not PC-only, as my selfcoded BLE-peripheral on an ESP32 has the unhandled promise.... too :-(

    And the Bangle code from post #4 has no "code" at all, it's just a httprequest, so thta's not it either.

    BTW Espruino code on a bare NRF52832 (version 1V97) i.c.w. the Espruino Hub also has the same error.

    Beats me!


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