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  • Did you see andĀ­ical ? There's a bit more in depth info there.

    The screen is a 240x240 IPS LCD with a ST7789 driver used in 8 bit parallel mode. It's a pretty standard backlit job used in the majority of these kinds of watches.

    It connects to the PCB via a pretty fine pitch connector. I think realistically the chances of adding your own screen are extremely low. You could design your own little flex PCB adaptor for your new display, then create your own firmware that used the new display's controller, but I think realistically it's unlikely anyone would bother with that.

  • Thanks Gordon, but the alternative is building myself an entire smartwatch from the ground up, wouldn't you think that was even harder? I'm beginning the slow process by looking for a chip on which to base it.
    If there is a hardware-hackable smartwatch that already has a reflective or transflective screen that I should be modifying instead, please let me know.


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