• Have not noticed this issue today when using Morphing clock.
    I am on newest version of all apps. Firmware 2V05.1

    0: {id: "widbat", name: "Battery Level Widget", type: "widget", version: "0.05", files: "widbat.info,widbat.wid.js"}
    1: {id: "widbt", name: "Bluetooth Widget", type: "widget", version: "0.04", files: "widbt.info,widbt.wid.js"}
    2: {id: "barclock", name: "Bar Clock", type: "clock", src: "barclock.app.js", icon: "barclock.img", …}
    3: {id: "boot", name: "Bootloader", type: "bootloader", sortorder: 0, version: "0.17", …}
    4: {id: "launch", name: "Launcher", type: "launch", src: "launch.app.js", sortorder: 0, …}
    5: {id: "mclock", name: "Morphing Clock", type: "clock", src: "mclock.app.js", icon: "mclock.img", …}
    6: {id: "setting", name: "Settings", src: "setting.app.js", icon: "setting.img", sortorder: 3, …}
    7: {id: "alarm", name: "Alarms", src: "alarm.app.js", icon: "alarm.img", version: "0.07", …}
    8: {id: "files", name: "App Manager", src: "files.app.js", icon: "files.img", version: "0.05", …}
    9: {id: "welcome", name: "Welcome", src: "welcome.app.js", icon: "welcome.img", version: "0.09", …}
    10: {id: "about", name: "About", src: "about.app.js", icon: "about.img", version: "0.05", …}

    Timezone is +3
    I'm looking for way to reliably reproduce this issue...

    I dont realy get it how this works


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