• Hi - I'm afraid right now drawString won't handle any kind of overlap at all :( What I'd suggest is maybe drawImage? There's a neat function called createImage: http://www.espruino.com/Reference#l_Grap­hics_createImage

    So you could do:

    var font = { 
      A: {width:2,img:Graphics.createImage(...)},­
      B: {width:2,Graphics.createImage(...)},

    Then create your own drawString function?

  • ok!
    is there a simplier way to draw?
    can i draw with drawString only one letter in an image?
    i prefer the way you use a font with a picture than use x, space and carrier return...to draw my font... it look like in Arduino.

    well and after using drawImage i suppose i have to paste the drawing with g.drawImage(img,0,0)?
    can i overlapping ?
    0+1 = 1
    1+1 = 0
    1+0 = 1

    in Photoshop it's call "product" mode. black is transparent (0), white is opaque (1)



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