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  • There was a bit of a discussion on­ues/1702#issuecomment-627892058 about hard-coding the extra characters - basically just have a bunch of stuff that goes above the letters.

    I'm happy to have a poke around at those though. I could re-use the same mapping to handle the lack of chars in the default 4x6 font too.

    What do you think we should do about defining the width of each character? Maybe if I add a vertical red line in the SVG by each character or something like that, I can pick it out when generating the font file.

  • I think special casing the diacretics makes a lot of sense, especially since I didn't leave enough space above the letters to fit them in properly. 😐

    For the width of each character, could you just find the rightmost point and base it on that? Although I guess that would mean hardcoding the width of the space.