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  • Is HID definitely off in your Bangle's settings?

    I've also noted that sometimes a reset of the watch (BTN1+BTN2) is necessary to be able to connect from my computer

    Yes, I wish I could track this down but it does seem to be an issue in the Bangle.js firmware. Usually it only happens when you're alternating between having the BLE settings off and on though.

    Thanks for the logs. Interestingly the btm_sec_disconnected seems to give reason : 8. Which I think is BLE_HCI_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT. It seems it could be related to the bluetooth clocks not being 100% accurate on either the phone or watch.

    Do you have a phone that doesn't have a custom ROM to test with?

    Other thing you can do is maybe upload some some like:

    NRF.on('disconnect', function(reason) { 
      E.showMessage("Reason "+reason,"DISCONNECT");

    And see if bangle.js gets the same reason code?

  • I've only ever enabled HID once, first or second day of receiving the watch when testing stuff. Since then it's been off the whole time.

    I'll take a closer look at troubleshooting this later in the week, and I might even install a stock ROM to see if that makes any difference... I only have this device as my daily driver though, so I rarely have an opportunity to do too much crazy stuff with it.

    Searched a bit and it does seem like reason 8 is BLE_HCI_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT.


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