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  • @Gordon I seem to have found a reliable and simple way of recreating the issue:

    1. Reset watch
    2. Install "Battery Level Widget with percentage"
    3. Set alarm 1 (say 12:00)
    4. Set alarm 2 (say 13:00)
    5. Delete alarm 1 or alarm 2

    Now it seems like alarm.json no longer can be edited (no errors showing in the Web IDE).

    I do not know if this is specific to the battery widget or if other widgets/apps also may cause the issue. This is just the one I did find that reliably could show the problem (although I can confirm that the "Tiny Battery Widget" does not cause it).

    Edit: steps 3 to 5 aren't the only way to reproduce, just what I found to be a quick way. The key seems to be to set and delete alarms at least three or four times, until there's no or only one alarm.


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