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  • So you want a launcher, but that only lists a subset of apps?

    What you're after is very possible. As a start, you can actually just use the existing launcher code:­lob/master/apps/launch/app.js

    I recently added the ability to always run code at startup, so you could for instance add a file called favourite.boot.js and in it put:

    (function() {
      var lastPress = 0;
      setWatch(function(e) {
        if (e.time-lastPress < 0.5) load("");
        lastPress = e.time;
      }, BTN1, {repeat:true});

    That'll load the launcher if you double-tap BTN1 (but will do it regardless of what app you're in, so you may need to be careful!).

    You could then just make your own launcher...


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