• Thr 2020.03.19

    Was save() ever typed in? ref to erroneous code in flash post #8

    While the newly shipped Bangle's make their way to their eagarly awaiting developers and as there are daily app and firmware changes, not 'all' software issues may be initially apparent. It might get a bit frustrating should an unfortunate area of concern get through testing.

    While others take a looksy under the hood, as pointed out in post #7 there is a previous firmware that may be used that appears to be stable. Flashing that may work as a temprorary choice until matters are ironed out.

    Does anyone else have either of these issues with VERSION: "2v04.404"?

  • Good idea, I'll try flashing the earlier version and see if it makes a difference. If it fails then I've probably got a local problem..