• This is as expected - it's as I'd mentioned in a previous thread - pages are ~4k, you have 255 pages because that's all you get with 1 char, so that's 1MB.

    You can now have 4 separate 1MB files, but the max file size for one StorageFile is 4MB.

    You can also allocate a massive (3.5MB maybe?) file using just Storage.write and then write to it yourself with your own method of figuring out where in the file you are.

  • Ah... silly me. I took long (ish) file names an indication of more than 255 pages being possible.

    I quite like the StorageFile api so I think I'll just build a rudimentary roll-over system where a new file is created on reaching max-size, until I've run out of all space available. Still hoping to never use all that space :-).

    Thanks again.


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