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  • 15secs for a refresh / full update

    Yes I know it updates slowly and I understand the technology behind it. And I chose it merely because the technology itself intrigues me.
    But: the 15s is only the update of the display itself using the waveforms. It has nothing to do with transferring the data.

    I'm pretty sure that ePaper displays do not have built-in buffer.

    From what it says in the documentation it actually has two buffers: one for old data and one for new data. I guess it is because the display will do other update waveforms if the pixels didn't change between updates.

    I think writing the data in the for loop might be slow additionally because of pulling the pins high/low before writing (overhead?).

    I will try to do a time measurement on the Arduino example, just to see what speed the display is capable of receiving. The Arduino example uses 4M baud rate if I see correctly.


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