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  • Thanks! To try and sum up...


    There is a bitmap font converter at­ts which works from bitmaps. It's an interesting thought - there's no reason you couldn't have an online font maker that generated bitmap fonts for you at the size you want - I just added­/issues/535

    There is also a (beta) tool to generate vector fonts from TTF at­b/vector_font_roboto/scripts/create_vect­or_font.js but right now they have to be compiled in... Allowing custom vector fonts is something I might add later, but for this release I think it's too much of a push. It might be interesting to have an online converter that generated a new g.drawVectorString command though - and that could be done now.


    12/24hr seems like a good plan. There's an issue for it at­ssues/76 - I'd be really interested if you have any ideas about how to do it such that clocks don't have a bunch of extra work to do. Maybe a date format string?

    Metric/imperial - good idea, but again is there a nice way to do this without putting too much stress on app developers? I notice out of the 80 beta watches there haven't been many apps submitted so I don't want to add extra hurdles!


    Yes - there's an event called E.kill now which is called in every case except the watchdog reset (2 button press). I need to modify the pedometer widget to make it handle that and save the state. Just filed an issue for that at­ssues/84


    Good point. I've added an issue at­ssues/83
    It should be fine to do with a widget as I'm hoping with the recent changes pretty much all apps except games will start to add the widgets

    BLE connectivity

    Yes, it doesn't change as soon as you modify the setting - you have to go 'back' first

    Gesture collector

    Yes, absolutely. There could be a website you go to, connect via Web Bluetooth, and it collects data for training. This is something I've wanted to do but as it's all server-side I'm going to wait until I have a bit more time! Issue filed at­ssues/85


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