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  • Imo the current @types/espruino under DefinitelyTyped is incomplete. eg. there's no definition for the Storage module.
    I've found this other one in this Github repository but have no idea where this came form, seems to be generated as well. Can't reach the owner.

    I've just finished porting my existing NodeMCU + Lua code to Espruino + Typescript, and it worked quiet well. Although one needs to be careful, because even though you can target ES6, some features are missing. eg. initially I was using the Map structure to handle some things, but that was not working and went back to basic JS dictionaries (where Typescript can still gives a bunch of type hints fortunately).

    I wonder what other people use for transpiling and minification. I'm using Rollup + Uglify right now, but maybe Babel would do more and polyfill some missing stuff and make it a more transparent experience. I don't know if it's possible to define a more specific set of supported ECMAScript features for a transpiler; an up-to-date Espruino fitting profile could be done that way.

    (Also I would love to play with this watch, but I was too late for the Kickstarter party, and it's kind of expensive now. :( Got me thinking if there are other open source watches available, and interestingly the PineTime seems to use a very similar hardware; I wonder if the manufacturer behind is the same or not.)

  • Keep on working on typescript :)

    WRT the Pinetime: it ships with a locked firmware, so you can't change it without opening it. And after opening, it won't be water proof. Search the forum if you are interested in alternatives, a good starting point is Espruino on your watch!

    • you have a PM :)
  • Sat 2020.01.25

    'no definition for the Storage module.'

    Not entirely sure what you are after, but has the actual source been inspected?­b/master/src/jswrap_storage.c

    'too late for the Kickstarter party, and it's kind of expensive now'

    Last month I had a link for top ten hackable watches. looking now

    "kind of expensive" Relative term. I thought so too, until I started fetching detail. While I'm sure there are less expensive and cheap (meaning quality) CN equivalents, most started around $150 and up. So one can see, Bangle.js is nicely priced.


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