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  • Where are those two things written?

    I believe I'm probably just underestimating the battery life so people don't complain if it doesn't reach the advertised though.

  • Mon 2020.01.13

    'Where are those two things written?'

    As those 1000+ emails have caused some mental anguish, ;-) the link is in the #2 post, just above my comment.

    link reposted here:

    Both found under 'Features' tenth bullet and 'Power Consumption' first bullet and comment beneath that grouping.

    And an update on my actual usage

    100% CPU usage running JavaScript - 7mA
    LCD on - 40mA

    On a brand new only charged once Beta Bangle, I ran a Javascript battery monitor endless loop, updating the display every five seconds until battery death. Ran for eleven hours!

    Calc: 350 / (7 + 40) = 7.44 hr

    So maybe the display is slightly better than advertised? Super conservative est ~30ma
    or an actual pixel on percentage needs to be taken into account? Didn't think LCDs worked that way though.

    Calc: 350 / (7 + 30) = 9.46 hr
    Calc: 350 / (7 + 25) = 10.92 hr
    Est: 11 * (7 + 40) = 517 mAhr

    Which seems unlikely ~30% improvement over listed?

    It will be interesting to see how LiIon holds out over time, after daily charging cycles. I expect it to drop off after 50-100 as the articles inform us.

    Bangle LiIon­ical

    'underestimating the battery life so people don't complain if it doesn't reach the advertised though'

    Understood, and by my first inital test, makes sense so I wouldn't change the content. More concerned about standby and idle concept difference.


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