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  • I've just started playing with my Bangle.js and so far I can't seem to get it to charge. It arrived with about 50% battery and within 2 days on idle it got to 0% and turned off, which is a faster discharge than I expected. It's not turned back on at all since.

    A green light flashed when I initially connected the charger but now nothing happens. I didn't see the tiny label about orienting the charger so I tried it both ways round initially.

    Is there a trick to it? Can I do a soft/hard reset? I don't mind opening it up if I need to.

    Also the demo GPS app never seemed to acquire satellites or get a time. Is this a known bug?

  • Thr 2019.12.26

    Hi @AlexOwen, May not be of much help as these are all new questions for this fantastic product, has the 'Getting Started' page been reviewed?

    'Is there a trick to it?'­ng+Started

    'You must connect the cable the right way around: With Bangle.js facing away from you (so you're looking at the shiny back) and the CE Rohs text the right way up, the USB cable should exit from the left side of the watch.'

    'mine had been left 'screen off' and went completely dead' instantly came to life using the above step


    EDIT 1: Tested with WebIDE to E.getBattery() which returned a value of '0'
    then, my screen went blank. (most likely as BLE draws 0.5mA and without substantial charge) Now, my screen in totally blank and dis-connecting and re-connecting the power cable isn't producing the same power on result. It appears mine is in the same condition as yours. I'll keep plugged in and report back in an hour.

    EDIT 3: One hour of charging from a USB2 laptop port, now returns a value of '59'­ttery
    Incidentally for Windows10, I wasn't able to immediately connect using the WebIDE. I had to un-pair, open Settings >> Bluetooth >> Add a Device and select the first 'Bluetooth' option to pair, then open a new instance of the WebIDE before I could re-connect.

    EDIT 4: Hour 2 and a value of '75'
    EDIT 5: Hour 2:55 and a value of '100'

    Has the 'Powering off if completely broken' section been tried?

    EDIT 2: Ten minutes after above edit, Held in Btn1 and Btn2 for six seconds, even though screen is completely dark. 'Rebooting' then rendered briefly, and charging is back under way.

    'and within 2 days on idle it got to 0% and turned off, which is a faster discharge than I expected'

    Was GPS/Compass in use?


    Should GPS have been left on, or any Javascript code running, expected uptime would be much less.

    ex: at 50% battery life roughtly 175mAh of up time, might be achievable. Should Javascript be continuously executing, a 7mA draw would only allow for 25hrs duration.

    The tenth bullet item has me a bit befuddled

    '350mAh battery, 1 week standby time'
    'Idle, accelerometer on - 0.7mA'
    'This means that when idle (in the normal power-on state) you can expect around 20 days of battery life'

    As there are 24 * 7 or 168 hours in a week, a 0.7mA draw would yield a 240 hour uptime. So maybe a 'week' was as close to a conservative guess (over time degradation) as one might expect, perhaps?
    350 / 0.7 = 500    500 / 24 = 20.8 days   matches comment beneath heading 'Power Consumption'


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