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  • Hi There

    I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. I looking to connect to external bluetooth device using javascript. I have it working on my mac in javascript however is it possible to upload this to espruino and it work ?

    If so what board would it be best to use I am guessing it will be a MDBT42Q

    I am afriad i very new to Espruino and my Javascript is a little basic but i been messing about with arduino for years

    Any help would be greatly appricated



  • Mon 2019.11.11

    Hello @user104759 and thank you for your interest in Espruino!

    'looking to connect to external bluetooth device'
    'what board would it be best to use'

    It would be nice to know a bit more on what is to be accomplished. If one has a desire to attach other peripheral devices such as a temperature module or GPS unit, then I highly recommend the MDBT42Q breakout board for easy connectivity. If you need a viewable screen, the Pixl is ready to go there. Or maybe just a small 36mm or 1.5" diameter pendant button, then take a look at the Puck.

    or estimated deliverable in March 2020 the First Programmable Watch Bangle.js­340703/#comment14980434

    Take a peek at the 100+ (and growing) tutorials to get the juices flowing:

    'i been messing about with arduino for years'

    You don't have to apologize, we'll still welcome ya ;-)

    I just jumped in two years ago with the purchase of the Pico (now I have 'em all) without the foggiest of where I wanted to go. The WebIDE is easy and intuitive and you will love the ease of real-time debugging/update without having to sit and wait for a compile process to complete. Having a breakout board makes life easier for connectivity.

    Read over the forums to see what other are doing:­/

    Tell us a bit more . . . . better yet, just get started!!


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