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  • Bluetooth Mesh should actually be possible on the existing nRF52832 chips - but as I've mentioned in a few other threads it's not actually as great as you might expect from the name.


    • Actual Bluetooth Mesh nodes that do meshing can't be battery powered as the radio is on the whole time, drawing >10mA - so then a BLE->WiFi bridge starts to look a lot more appealing.
    • If you have the Bluetooth Mesh nodes set up right then they can actually talk to normal Bluetooth LE devices from the mesh, so Espruino devices are actually compatible with Bluetooth Mesh as-is.

    I am looking at a new product with the nRF52840, but honestly it'll be a long long time before I start to replace existing products with nRF52840.

    Having said all that OpenThread actually looks really good and does seem to be a proper mesh solution - what Bluetooth Mesh should have been. And that one really does only work on nRF52840.

  • Very well said about BLE Mesh, almost no point having BLE but not possible to use battery. But my biggest nRF52840 feature to have is actually the higher TX power, where I did a quick test for the range is absolutely phenomenal. On that topic, do you have plan for MDBT50Q?


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