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  • Update: the 52840-DK does work: Can connect via virtual serial thru the built-in JLink + native USB(serial) + BLE. \o/

    But couldn't get it working on the dongle :(

    First try: just flash the same hex with nRF Connect. No luck.
    The green LED was blinking periodically, took a look at the schematics: Of course the serial pins used on the DK are not really available on the dongle. The DK's tx pin is P0.06 - the green LED on the dongle. So took a look at the LED with a logic analyzer, and indeed it's crying into the void at 9600 bps: NRF ERROR 0x3 at ?:0 REBOOTING.

    Tried to create a board file for the dongle, but no luck. Compiles OK, but doesn't do anything :/ Attached the board file, if anyone wants to give it a try.

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