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  • I have successfully flashed the ESP32-CAM , the LILYGO® TTGO and official expressif ESP32-WROOM-32D using the following code.

    Since I haven't seen it clearly written anywhere I figured I'd share this with everyone.  --chip esp32    --port /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART --baud 921600  --after hard_reset write_flash -z  --flash_mode dio  --flash_freq 40m  --flash_size detect  0x1000 bootloader.bin 0x8000 partitions_espruino.bin 0x10000 espruino_esp32.bin

    I tried the .bin but could NOT get it to work. so you'll go to the "directory" of the latest version (v2.04 right now) and you'd download all the files from there:­no_2v04_esp32/

    of course the only thing you've change is the port "/dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART " to what ever it is on your computer.

  • Yes, I too struggled with this couple of times.
    Than discovered there is a README_flash.txt in the ESP32 directory that shows pretty much the commands you used.
    IIRC, saw somewhere that first you have to flash all parts as above, and after that you can just flash espruino_XvYY_esp32.bin to upgrade.

    Actually the docs tell you to do this, but starts with building from source. So splitting Building and Flashing to separate paragraphs would be a good idea IMO. Or even better, moving the Build instructions down, and only showing the download & flashing instructions in the "Getting Started" sections would make it clearer. Maybe the docs were not updated since ESP32 builds are available...

    You can always send a PR­/blob/master/boards/ :)


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