• Interesting about Hackster's sign up policy. I wasn't aware of that. Hackster definitely feels like the most 'aggressive' site, but that does mean they seem to actively publicise posts quite well.

    Personally I haven't seen much interest come from Hackaday.io, but often they'll feature projects in Hackaday itself which gets you a load of readers. It feels to me like it's the best place for in-progress projects though?

    Instructables is older and feels like they're not trying to grab more users, but there are loads of readers and I've found I get quite a few views from projects I post there. It's also a much wider range of readers - you get all kinds of making (not just electronics) which is really neat.

    There's also https://www.electromaker.io/ which seems a bit newer - I'm not too sure about them, I haven't heard too much.

    I'd be interested in any other things that are out there as well :)


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