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  • Reading the docs, my impression was that in automatic mode, it's fine as long as I don't do an endless loop, or do something that takes too much time.
    But now re-reading this NOTE: On STM32 (Pico, WiFi, Original) with setDeepSleep(1), or nRF52 (Puck, Pixl, MDBT42) you need to explicitly wake Espruino up with an interval of less than the watchdog timeout or the watchdog will fire and the board will reboot.
    Does this mean because nRF52 devices go to sleep - without calling setDeepSleep - automatically, so you have to have some kind in wakeup call to prevent the watchdog reset?

    That long hold idea is good, was thinking about something like this. But yes, in this form it's not the best idea, just a drop of water, or anything that triggers the capacitive button long enough can cause a watchdog reset.


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