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  • I'm still kind of interested, but a few things still put me off:

    • You can still use normal BLE devices as edge devices on a Bluetooth Mesh - so you should be able to use Espruinos with meshing just fine right now.
    • Non-edge BLE Mesh nodes that actually do meshing have to have the radio receiving all the time (drawing around 12mA I think), which means realistically they cannot be battery powered (Pixl.js is probably the only Espruino device it makes sense for, and maybe the MDBT42 breakout)
    • The mesh protocol itself is really geared towards stuff like lights and light switches - it's not that suitable for sending serial data over, so you're not going to be able to program your Espruino devices over mesh - you'd just be able to define endpoints on a device that you could set a value on.
    • Not that many people have asked for mesh, and I think pretty much everyone that wanted it went off the idea when they realised that mesh nodes can't be battery powered

    So I'd definitely be interested in having it available if someone wanted to do the work on it (and I'm happy to help out with any queries), but right now it's not such high priority for me to spend time doing the port for.

    OpenThread seems like it would actually be perfect, but unfortunately it's only for the nRF52840 so none of the existing Espruino devices would work with it.


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