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  • As a start, just being able to click and select Espruino modules would be a huge bonus.

    If you did­/tree/master/modules you'd want­/tree/master/devices as well... - Thats a very long list with minified files but without md files.

    That is tricky - there's usually a 1:1 mapping between and - but not always.

    However, I guess realistically anyone using this is going to have a good idea what they're doing? I guess in most cases you'll develop code normally, figure out what modules you want, and then build your own firmware including those modules - so not having direct links to the docs isn't a huge problem.

    I guess just pulling out the first comment from the head of the .js file would give a pretty good into to the module. If it didn't, we should probably update the modules to have a description :)


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