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  • HI @AdamSmith, any further updates on this project ?

    I was thinking about doing something similar a while back but like most of my ideas they never make it into the psychical world.

  • Hi there,
    Nothing too exciting at the moment. There's a couple of active tasks at the moment with identifying an appropriately sized motor and power supply. The innards of the Scalextric cars provide a good insight as to what is required. But it's built to run off high voltage AC power. Rather than the DC that a battery solution would provide. So it's finding the balance of motor and power that will provide the correct levels of thrust vs weight for the vehicle size.
    From the code perspective, some very basic code now exists that looks to handle the acceleration and braking by applying a percentage of maximum acceleration/braking to a current speed. This should be a little more in line with how actual cars behave.


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