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  • I have a bit of an issue with saving in that Chrome's save functionality (for the web app) is rate-limited, so while I tried enabling a periodic save, if I do it too often then I hit the rate limit and it stops saving completely!

    Similar issues have come up quite recently as well, and I think that actually it might make a lot more sense for me to get rid of the cookie-based and chrome app based saving and instead do it via a login account on (probably using the same login mechanism as the forum).

    That way I could ensure that the settings really were saved and persisted, but also I could keep a copy of the code in the IDE (without the rate limiting) and could even have the option of having multiple files stored online.

    Files in Git would be really nice - if GitHub provide an API for it, it might actually make sense to just add a plugin to the Web IDE that saved/loaded from Git. It shouldn't be that hard at all.

    However GitHub will almost certainly rate-limit too, so auto-saves are probably out :(


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