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  • Tue 2018.08.14

    I like the sleek and simple USB Power Bank design solution that @allObjects suggested. On a hunch, I wanted to see how well the EasyAcc-10000mAh
    USB Power Bank faired in comparrison to AA batteries.­er-banks/easyacc-powerbank-review-easily­-one-of-best-value-power-banks-3624761/

    Listed under 'Specs'


    2x 12W (5V, 2.4A) USB outputs

    Even though the spec indicates there are two USB port outputs, there is a maximum discharge rate to be aware of.

    4th pp
    "the power bank's max output is only 12W (meaning it can support only one of its two outputs at full-speed at a time)"

    This restriction means that this type of supply can't deliver the current that much better than the four AA cell solution described in #16 above.

    The only difference is that while 4 AA batteries have a capacity of 8000mAh, the EasyAcc-10000mAh has 20% more capacity.

    That would mean you would be able to power 100 LEDs max for one hour longer, that's it.

    Does have the ability to be easily recharged through a micro USB adapter however.

    @AdaMan82 Any chance you could provide us with your LED design requirements?
    Number of LEDs in a strip?
    Number of strips?
    How long the project is always on?
    Limitations for the supply, size, space, portable or wall plug etc?


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