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  • Hi - sorry about the short reply earlier @SergeP.

    You're totally correct that they're the same on different platforms. The two forum sections are mainly there for me - over half of Espruino's users are using it on non-official boards now, and I can't afford to provide the same level of support for those that I provide for the boards that I sell (it's also one less reason for people to buy a proper board :). I'd forgotten that you were using Puck.js as well. If you hit issues like this again feel free to post on the official boards page, but please check it on a Puck or official board first just in case :)

    In some cases it is possible to detect an undefined argument (eg. checking arguments.length), but for most built-in functions this isn't done as it's slower/more complicated. The clearInterval(undefined) is intended behaviour - but it is a bit of a design flaw. I've hit bugs caused by it a few times myself too.

    It seems that making clearInterval(undefined) throw an exception while clearInterval() works might help to make errors far less likely? What does everything think?


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