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  • How did you convice STMicro to support Espruino?

    I've been talking to ST for a long time - probably 4 years now, and they even originally supported the first batch of Picos with free chips. There are some people there that really like the idea of it, but we started talking when I didn't have a clear 'support package' to offer and we never managed to come to any kind of agreement that would have worked out.

    However having this £150/month option for supporting a board is cheap enough and limited enough in scope that it can be justified pretty easily, and it coincides with them launching a discovery kit for cellular access (­ERY will be filled in with more info as time goes on) - where offering an option to use JavaScript for talking to various IoT services makes a lot of sense.

    Let's just hope they get a lot of good feedback and want to roll it out across more of their discovery/nucleo boards :)


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