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  • All Platforms

    • New Storage Library allows easy nonvolatile storage of user data, as well as access to saved program code and the ability to write more code than will fit in RAM
    • Added ES6 Class Support
    • this is now inherited correctly for Arrow Functions
    • Add Graphics.scroll command now scrolls graphics contents
    • Large ArrayBuffer Graphics Speed improvements
    • Add UDP support for WIZnet Ethernet modules
    • Added optional WIZnet W5100 compile target (default is W5500)
    • More robustness improvements based on weeks of Fuzzing
    • E.toString now works with no copy or allocation for Uint8Array/FlatStrings
    • Improved Exception/Ctrl-C handling
    • Fix mild memory leak that caused GC to run more often than required
    • Improve SD card reliability on all boards by trying multiple times before failing
    • Allow JS modules to be built-in by adding files to JSMODULESOURCES
    • process.env now simplified, and returns a list of the libraries provided in the firmware
    • Add 'data' option to setWatch to allow clocked data to be decoded easily

    Puck.js/BLE devices

    • Moved to SDK 12.3 - solves Windows connection issues
    • PWM output via Waveform class is now possible
    • Fix crash if I2C is used before being initialised
    • All Bluetooth/NFC events use a task queue, avoiding occasional 'MEMORY_BUSY' errors
    • Increase flash available for stored code from 12kB for 40kB
    • Online compiler now available

    Espruino WiFi

    • Added built-in WiFi library, as well as AT
    • Added UDP support
    • WIZnet Ethernet module support is now built in
    • Added more features to WiFi library (setAPIP/etc)
    • Added Flow Control for more reliable WiFi comms
    • Added turbo mode for faster Wifi communications

    All boards

    • ESP8266/ESP32 fixes and tweaks
    • Seeed WIO_LTE SD card now works correctly
    • Added STM32L496GDISCOVERY to the release builds

    More features are being added for our upcoming board, Pixl.js that is expected in April - please sign up at that link to be notified when it's available!

    There are many other tweaks too. For more information see the ChangeLog


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