• Hi,

    FIFO_FULL means that the input buffer (the one that receives data from WiFi) got so full it couldn't handle any more data and ended up losing some bytes. It almost certainly happened before, but it wasn't reported - 1v94 turned it on because it's something that'll almost certainly cause instability or broken data.

    Do you have some functions that could take a long time to execute? That's usually the problem.

    However, the input FIFO is shared with watch events, so I guess if you're:

    • Having a button which has a lot of mechanical bounces
    • Receiving data from WiFi
    • Printing out enough data to the console that it takes a long time to execute (eg. it might buffer on the output)

    ... then you could potentially have some problems.

    So it might be you can fix it just by trying to find some functions that take a long time to execute and splitting them up.

    Otherwise it is possible to turn on hardware flow control for the ESP8266. It's something I haven't enabled by default yet, but we could try that?


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