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  • @Frida that could work - the problem is the spacing (0.7mm I think?) makes it quite hard to separate the pins - but then I guess I only need a few to be connected, not all of them.

    Does anyone know of any common edge connectors with a (roughly) 0.7mm spacing? If there was something like PCIe then it'd be trivial to cut the connector in half. I guess 1mm PCIe might even be close enough.

    Even so, it looks like for small quantities the current jig (or a variant on it) works well enough, and for bigger quantities I can order them pre-programmed. If I could get enough preorders I could place a big order directly and could definitely hit a lower price-point - it's just trying to avoid having hundreds of modules with old firmware kicking around :)

    @PaddeK it looks like the production nRF52840s will appear around February, but then if I'm going to use a module again it'll be a bit after that since the module makers take a while. I'm quite excited about the USB and internal voltage regulator though - it means there's very little on the board apart from the chip itself.


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