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  • Do you mean this?¬≠Bluetooth-low-energy/nRF5-SDK-for-Mesh

    It's still an Alpha release - and I'm wary of putting too much effort into targeting those. In the past, it's been very difficult to change code written for one Nordic release for another because what's in the example applications seems to change a lot and the changes aren't easy to follow when you've integrated it into your code - so I'd rather wait for something more stable.

    The required softdevice is the one Puck.js uses, so it would be possible to compile a firmware - however as far as I can tell it's not a small change at all... It basically involves throwing away all Espruino's existing Bluetooth LE code and starting from scratch.

    Also, as I said above - until some other device supports mesh, I think it's of limited use. You program Puck.js wirelessly - so if the only other device that can talk to your Puck.js is another Puck, it makes it quite difficult unless you're willing to physically solder a USB-TTL converter to your Puck, which I doubt most people will bother with.


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