• I've just had a go at this, and measure 0.2mA when connected, 0.03mA when not, 5mA ish when the red LED is on - as you'd expect.

    But then if I simply type NRF.sleep() I measure 0.03mA as if it's advertising - checking on it, it looks like it is still advertising... so there's something really odd going on there.

    If I do this:

    function on_disconnect() {
    NRF.on('disconnect', on_disconnect);

    (including adding a flash) I get the same thing for some reason.

    However if I run your code I do get the 3mA power draw.

    I'd be a bit careful about the readings you get from just a meter (I use a capacitor across the meter to try and reduce any peaks of power draw) but even so, something odd seems to be happening in your case, and I'm not sure why.


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