• Maybe not as sexy as some other projects, but here it goes

    I'm working on a better way to heat my apartment using electric oil heaters, pucks and Wemo plugs.

    1. I'm using Puck.js as temperature sensors, attached to ceiling or walls to measure and average temperature across rooms.
    2. Pucks advertise the temperature via BLE (low-energy, super-long adv. period, very rare temperature reads every few minutes to maximise battery life).
    3. A running instance of EspruinoHUB serves as BLE -> MQTT bridge.
    4. Node-red instance reacts to MQTT messages.
    5. I'm implementing logic which will guarantee temperatures in a set range, in specific rooms, at different days of the week.
    6. Node-red talks via uPnP to Belkin Wemo Insight power switches, turning oil heaters on and off to maintain the temperature.

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