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    It depends on what you're trying to boost.
    I wrote advertising data repeater that runs on another espruino board - it scans its surroundings and re-broadcasts what it found.

    If you need connectable, I think it'd also be possible to establish multiple connections and stream the data through.

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    Service data is back with 2.02.1!
    Thanks @Gordon

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    I was just about to write a post about it. Testing now..

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    Ok, checked that no other devices are trying to connect to it. Even having an open browser tab wouldn't work because the browser kills those web bl connections.

    After you message last month, I've given the pug a fresh battery - unsure if the old one was dead or not (didn't measure).

    I went to bed after reading your last reply, the puck was "dead". In the middle of the night it started flashing red again, then stopped. It's doing that now every few hours, so the battery is not dead.

    Just tried hard-resetting it again few moments ago -- puck is dead again, not responding to more resets, not advertising, nothing. I've also inspected the reported battery levels right after changing the battery on June 10th (see attachment). Started fluctuating 2h after replacing the battery, went down to 80% and stayed there until it stopped advertising and began to blink red.

    I'll buy new set of batteries tomorrow, from a different place (to have a chance of different batch). Maybe the current ones are super dodgy, although it wouldn't explain the second puck which is happy with its cell :

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    Ok, so the same puck, problems again.
    It went AWOL from BL on may 27...

    Take a look at the attachment - two puck.js, one had battery 100% for months, the other one got fresh battery, was near 100%, then started fluctuating weirdly and then drained itself to 0% within 2 weeks. Both run the same code.

    I gave it a fresh battery yesterday. Today it started flashing red again. I did a full reset moments ago - waited through the last few red blinks. After that - dead. No bluetooth advertisement, soft-restarting does nothing, holding the button while restarting doesn't even show the green LED.

    I'm puzzled as to what is happening with it :-(

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    I've got 2 pucks.

    1. I've replaced their batteries and updated to firmware v97.
    2. I've uploaded same code via Web IDE.
    3. One puck is happy and working all the time.
    4. The other puck, after ~2-3h, will start blinking red.
    5. It advertises as "Puck js XXX" instead of my name (which means it's reset itself and not running my code)
    6. When trying to connect via Web IDE, it shows up on the list but then "error connecting" pops up.
    7. Nail-reset doesn't help.
    8. Taking out battery and reinserting after 1min allows to connect again, re-upload code.
    9. After ~2-3h, it will start blinking red again.

    What can I do?

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    Hey again! :-)

    This time, it's about Puck.getBatteryPercentage().

    I've got two pucks, purchased together. One is showing a steady 100% battery at all measurements (calls to getBatteryPercentage()), the other one is fluctuating up to 15%. Measurements are made every 30s, the code is the same, no connections, only BLE advertisements.

    Here's how it looks like on a 12h graph: