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  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the world of hacking with electronics and I am looking for some guidance.

    My sister suffers from epilepsia and I'm looking for ways of monitoring for seizures. The symptoms can range from strong muscle contraction to uncontrolled movement of limbs. I'm keen to try Muscle Electromyography to detect seizures. Basically it means I'll be continuously monitoring for spikes in the electric signal. I'm not sure yet if there is a need for something more sophisticated like a fast fourier transform but I'll deal with that later if the need arises.

    I was planning to hookup the EMG detector as described by James Cannan in his hackaday article to an Espruino Wifi and send the signal to a RapberryPi for analysis and raising the alarm is necessary. Three questions:

    1. Will the battery of the Espruino WiFi last a full night (~12 hr) when it is sampling at 1000 Hz and send data to the RaspberyyPi in real time? Let's assume we using a 16 bit integer, which means 16 * 1,000 = 16kb/sec transfer rate
    2. The alternative is to do the analysis on the Espruino and only send a WiFi signal to the RP when an alarm needs to be raised. Is there sufficient memory and CPU power on the Espruino to do this?
    3. If you don't think the Esperuino WiFi is up to the task is there anything else you can recommend. It has to be small enough to wear on the writs or upper arm.

    Many thanks for any suggestions!!



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