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  • Side subject, on the subject of pogo pins, can someone find what is likely to work?
    ie a pogo that is correct length, fit into the pins on the bottom of the puck with plastic on bottom and female that allows for adhesion (or a 3d print of black bottom) for fixation.
    I think this could be nice for the new (and old) puck.js.
    Once found (with link to EU supplier), the pogo pins could be tested in the community.

    The pogo pins could be bought from Gordon if time/value allows with a buy of a puck.js (with price on pogo pins ((add on sales, be it ever so little)) ).
    It would show ability of puck to be puck-ered on to something else and retain the cool design

    3D print of the bottom could come from community (as there are some cool guys out there who are good at 3d design ((I am not)) ). The 3D should contain openings for the pins that go into the bottom, and whatever is needed to hold the pogos in place