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  • I've successfully recorded some IR commands and played them back via Puck.IR, but I need to hold the Puck very closely to the receiver. Is there a way to increase the reach of the IR LED?

    If not, what is the recommended way yo create a multi IR-LED panel with increased power/reach? I would like to send the same signal via multiple IR leds, if possible in each direction (like a roudn panel and every few degrees a new IR LED). Has someone done this before?

  • Hey, @hansamann. One thing that occurred to me was leaving the IR Puck nearest your receivers, then using BLE to talk to that Puck from either

    • a Web Bluetooth app on your phone
    • a second Puck

    But adding a 5mm IR LED is probably a better bet. @Gordon, what's the recommended maximum mA draw for such an LED?


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