• I know some of you have had trouble with the instructions in the Quick Start so there's now another option.

    Web IDE Relay

    This allows you to use a phone or tablet (or any device that has Web Bluetooth) to access your Puck.js from a PC.

    Use as follows:

    • Open https://www.espruino.com/ide/relay on your phone. If you're using iOS you'll need to do this via the WebBLE web browser as Safari doesn't support Web Bluetooth.
    • Click the connect icon in the top left
    • Choose your Puck.js device
    • Now open https://www.espruino.com/ide on your PC
    • Copy the 8 digit 'relay key' that was displayed on your phone into Communications -> Relay Key in your Web IDE's settings on the PC
    • Now click the connect icon on the PC
    • Choose Web IDE Relay

    And enjoy programming Puck.js via your phone! Just make sure it doesn't go to sleep or you might lose your Bluetooth connection :)

    Hope that helps some of you out. It's still a bit 'beta', so if you have any suggestions/tweaks it'd be good to know.


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