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  • The accelerometer has been asked a few times. I'm wondering if I could come up with a small, thin PCB that contained an accelerometer and could be soldered on.

    Seems like a lot of effort though, and you can still have a lot of fun with the magnetometer.

    I do have a few spare cases here. However the design files are online - you could have a lot more fun by just 3D printing yourself a new case that was exactly as you wanted it, and then fitting the existing silicone cover over it.

  • However the design files are online

    Excellent, I wondered if you'd made these available. Thanks!

  • Just looking at the files. Oddly I can't load them into Slic3r or Fusion 360. They load. But there's nothing there.

    Edit: Ignore, must have been a bad download first go

  • Started a print on bottom.stl and hadn't clocked the subtle camber on the design in the file - so that went well :) I look to be 10 - 15 degrees out. What's the correct adjustment to match it to an axis.


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