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    "The problem is that the puck is such a nice package, even a lanyard
    can be attached"

    I just received my puck.js and note an indention half way up the black case that seems to fit the flexible white cover.
    Have people used this to allow for small extra's under the battery?

    I was also pleasantly surprised at finding the small pin intentions in the bottom of the black case to allow for keeping the nice package and either permanent or temporary pins going out of the bottom to a possible extra black package payload area with same diameter or possible other forms.

    I look around to see what people are using them for.

    I then started reading from the beginning of the forum and found the start of hansamann subject which is a good one.
    My own wish is funnily enough to place some accelerometer in or under the nice package as the kids love accelerometers for some reason.
    Example: In denmark, one group of kids are putting micro:bits on paper planes and measuring the time of flight.

    Are there extra cases available, it looks like the pins are symetrical allowing two black based to be affixed with pins.
    puckle.js being a device with a nRF52 leds button mag on one "side", and another button leds and accel (and maybe som prototype area) with extra battery on the other side.

    One could have the color of the puckle.js side as red and forget the lights: Big Red Button...

    Big Red Button just needs a turn on for the led R...
    Now I have another form for puckle.js with place for cool things.

    Within 5 min of walking down the corridor, I have obtained one or two customers for Gordon that ensure support for Espruino and what Gordon feels he will use time on.
    I have obtained a couple of the card holders which I will experiment on.
    OK OK, I know I said all projects on hold before I do some doc for myself and others but this project gives immediate feedback and I have a group meeting on tuesday that will also be "interesting" to guage the reaction.

    Got a Big Red Button working: just have to program for green yellow and red for "system status"

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